FRONTIER: The Meyer Family

FRONTIER: The Meyer Family

Several months back Marty and his family visited my church, The Sycomore, to preach and minister.  Marty gave a powerful word on the Father heart of God.  He shared stories of seeing God’s heart in action on the missions field.  Afterwards I had the chance to get to know Marty more and was deeply impacted by his life and prayer for me.  Since then we have stayed in touch, and it is a tremendous honor to share the Meyer family’s story through Pursuit: Frontier.

Share with us who you are and what you do.

Kelly and I have been missionaries in Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for nearly 20 years. Ten years ago the Lord lead us to Cascade, Idaho to pioneer a new YWAM base strategically focused on mobilizing and sending missionaries to north India. We are now the leaders of a thriving missionary training center that is equipping pioneers to complete the Great Commission.

How did God call you into missions?

I (Marty) had been serving as an assistant pastor for eight years and Kelly, a schoolteacher for three. We had the perfect life carved out for ourselves in Pocatello, Idaho. We figured we would spend the rest of our lives there. In a quiet moment with the Lord I ask if He wanted to speak to me personally. The voice I heard said: “Quit your jobs, sell your house and go to a place I will show you.” When I told Kelly about it, she said, “Well, if it’s truly the Lord we will have to obey.” The next day I ask the Lord to confirm that voice with a Scripture and He gave me “Genesis 12:1-3”! We quit our jobs, sold our house and have been on an amazing adventure with Jesus ever since!

What is the best advice you can give to young leaders today?

Broaden your perspective. – We don’t like to admit it, but our Christian experience and worldview is often very narrow and limited. One of the first steps Kelly and I took after “quitting our jobs and selling our house” was to do a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM. There, we were exposed to excellent teaching from a very broad spectrum within the Body of Christ. We went to Turkey, a Muslim country, for our outreach and experienced the world from a different viewpoint. I believe this prepared me to think more deeply and implicationally about a lot of issues I had just taken for granted. To learn more about this program click here: Idaho DTS

Character is everything. – The world tells us that position, education, and financial stability is everything. We often get sucked into that mode. But Jesus taught that it was not what we do but who we are that’s important. Study the character of God and live a life that reflects His character to the world. A life of integrity is built day-by-day, one decision at a time.

Dependency on the presence of God. – I want to live each day with an acute awareness of the presence of God. It started as an eighteen year old when I opened my Bible and prayed, “Jesus- I want to know you. Would you reveal yourself to me through your Word?” I’m still praying that prayer- even this morning! Jesus reveals himself in the Word and I walk with Him throughout my day. His presence brings power and peace.

How would you define “revival”?

Revival is coming into alignment with the heart of God. Revival is sparked by a revelation of God… then, we become aware that our lives are not in alignment with Him. A shift occurs and we begin to move in the same direction. I believe that revival ultimately leads to missions. I think history agrees with me on this point.

In Revelation we see a vision that reveals the heart of God- the blood of his Son was spilled to purchase and restore people from “every tribe and language and people and nation…” (Rev. 5:9-10 & 7:9-10) The Father’s heart longs for all the “tribes” of the earth to be reconciled to Himself! True revival happens when this heart of God is reflected in the hearts of His followers and fuels them with a passion to complete the Great Commission!

What will revival look like in your context?

I set my watch for 9:37 AM. It reminds me to pray Matthew 9:37-38: “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Every morning, for the past 12 years, when my watch goes off I align myself with the heart of God and pray for workers for the harvest. I’ve also downloaded an app called: “JP Unreached” so I can daily join with others whose hearts burn with the Father’s passion for the lost by praying for the unreached people group of the day.

Jesus said that he would not return for His Bride until the task of preaching the Gospel to every people group on earth is complete. (Matthew 24:14) Revival is the people of God being so passionate about Jesus returning for His Church that we will do anything within our power to see every last people group reached with the Father’s love.

The ultimate fulfillment of revival is when there are no more unreached peoples to go to or pray for. Today there are 6000 unreached people groups representing nearly 3 billion people with little or no access to the Gospel- EVER. Villages that have never heard the name of Jesus, cities without a single believer. Each people group needs a missionary, each person needs a witness. Let’s express revival through our commitment to reaching them for the King.

How can we pray and partner with you?

Set your watch and join me at 9:37 AM. Download the “JP Unreached” app so you can pray for the unreached people group of the day.

Join our email list by clicking here: Add me to your prayer update list.

Promote training programs like Mission Adventures or our Idaho DTS. It often starts with a friend suggesting, “Have you ever thought about doing a mission with YWAM?”

You can also “like” my Facebook page or visit my website.

How can we support your ministry?

Like all YWAM missionaries, the Meyer family raises their own support to serve the Great Commission full-time. Special gifts are great, but we really need people to join our monthly support team with a regular gift of $50, $75 or $100. Tax-deducible checks can be sent payable to “YWAM Idaho” PO Box 70, Cascade ID 83611. (Include a note that says: “Meyer Support”)

You can also choose to support our ministry using PayPal or a credit card by clicking: Donate. Please write “Meyer support” in the “purpose” field.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us for the completion of the Great Commission.



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