Living as the Beloved Son

Living as the Beloved Son

In the last few years, God had given me promises about raising up a generation of sons and daughters. Men and women who understood that they were the children of the Most High. At the time I had no idea how such a vast promise could ever come to pass. Yet our first conference ever, “Living as the Beloved Son”, was a glimpse into exactly that. Words can’t describe how privileged and humbled I am to see His words unfolding and being fulfilled right before my eyes… Wow!

I am in complete awe of what God is doing through a ministry like this. I was even wrecked that even one person would come! I‘ve been to packed out conferences as well as decked out conferences, this wasn’t one of them. Yet God came and did what He does best, which was fathering and loving His sons. How sweet it was to see Him show up and be Father – encountering lives, filling broken places, and ultimately bringing life change. It was surely a weekend to remember, celebrate, and build upon. Check out this video that captured a look at our Young Men’s Conference.

Here are also some testimonies from both those who ministered and attended…

“It was a privilege to partner with Sam and Jesus to invest in the next generation of Christian men.  From the time of worship, talks, seminar, and to the Blessing Ceremony, God moved powerfully.  I truly believe greater things are yet to come through Pursuit NYC!” – Danny Cheong

“I was invited to the Pursuit NYC conference to be part of the ministry team, but I ended up being ministered TO the most. It was an honor to be a part of this amazing conference with Sam and Danny. I left encouraged, provoked, and reminded that I am a beloved Son.” – Jesus Orbea

“I wasn’t used to the Pursuit NYC style, but I really liked it and was blessed by it because it engaged me to see a lot of things in a different perspective. Also a lot of the things that we went over was such a needed reminder and refresher. This conference also was right before my first day in the welcoming team at GCC (my home church). At the conference we talked about how our Father in heaven gives us blessing so that we could be blessings and give blessing to others. I was really contemplating on joining the welcoming team because of guilt and shame. However this conference really helped me to just repent and serve God, regardless of my sins because sin has already been defeated and all I have to do is serve.” – Mike P.

“The young men’s conference was indeed focused on the concept of ‘Beloved Son.’ What God really revealed to me and reminded me of through this conference was the truth that we are loved by the Father. We are not loved only after we do something for Him, nor are we loved because we do things in the name of the Lord. We are just loved, and loved fully. That takeaway was huge.” – Richard K.

“The biggest take-away I got from the conference was all that claiming my identity entailed. As Pastor Sam said: ‘All ‘ships’ start with sonship. Leadership, stewardship, etc.’ I realized that so many areas of my life were feeling empty because I simply was not living in the foundational truth of who I was to God. I feel empowered to be on the front lines of new generations of men rising up to live as the beloved sons – to bless, empower, walk with, and grow with my fellow brothers.” – Dan H.

I had such a blast at that weekend! It is always so much fun working with friends and to see young men come into their own as sons. I am so thankful for all the guys who came. Please partner with me to continue to pray for them. Overall, all I can really say is that this was literally one of the most significant and best weekends of my life! Incredibly thankful. The best is surely to come… all glory to God! Thank you for joining me in this pursuit after the Father’s heart and for your continued support and prayer of this ministry! We’re in this together. Revival or bust…




  1. Bro Sam,let the good Lord rewards you for your constant commitment in Him. I am totally proud of your hard work in the ministry by bringing God’s words to our people,especially the youth. This is Fayia Hali,brother of Saah Hali…

    • thanks bro! hope you’re doing well. many blessings 🙂



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