FRONTIER: Interns Edition

FRONTIER: Interns Edition

I am so excited to announce that in 2015, we are growing our team! This year we have 2 interns joining Pursuit NYC for this exciting season. In this special FRONTIER feature, we are highlighting Koob Vang and Samuel Cho. They are both hungry for God, and I am honored to call them friends.

1) Tell us about yourself.

SC: Hello, I am Samuel Cho. As you saw me on Pursuit’s social media I joined Pursuit NYC and I am so pumped about it! I am from Korea (Born and Raised) and I came here to the US in the Fall of 2012. I am studying to get M.Div in ATS, and now I only have two semesters left (WOOT WOOT) And after school I will be going back to Korea and will a start ministry there. And who knows? I will be starting Pursuit Korea! (Haha)

KV: Hey everyone! My name is Koob Vang. East coast folks usually mistake me first as Korean then Chinese afterwards. My ethnicity is Hmong… (Yes, from Grand Torino) and I grew up mostly in the Mid-West (On Wisconsin!)… and a little in Lancaster, PA. I did my undergrad at Crown College, which is right outside of Minneapolis and after college, I lived in Omaha, NE for a couple of years interning at a church. Afterwards God led me out here to NY to pursue my M.Div degree at ATS.

2) What made you want to intern with Pursuit NYC?

SC: I decided to work with Pursuit because first, I liked the name (haha). Pursuit NYC, this name can’t get any cooler. And the other reason is that God gave me a heart for the young adults, especially the ones who used to be in the church but not anymore. And I believe Pursuit NYC is a great place to learn to reach them and challenge myself to various things.

KV: I’m interning with Pursuit because I want to see change in the lives of young people here in this region. It’s been too long to allow the world to give us an identity that have stolen, abused, and harassed the imago dei. God calls His children to something greater than what the world has defined us as, and this desire to see the change in me along with my fellow brothers and sisters keeps growing. I believe that Sam Won’s onto something and I trust him.

3) What are you goals for this internship?

SC: First of all I want to grow spiritually in this opportunity. The future ministry for me is still vague to me and I hope this internship can help me have a more clear idea about that. I want to learn the joy of participating in God ‘s work and I’m very sure the Pursuit NYC will be good place for me.

KV: Sam Won’s been a mentor, a friend, and a brother of mine for the last three years and he’s walked with me through both peaks and valleys of my life. My personal goal is to learn, serve, and execute. This means taking risks, knowing that mistakes are at hand, but having a leader who is willing to journey along.

4) What do you think of when you hear the word “revival”?

SC: When I hear the word “revival”, the picture I used to get was lots of people outside of the church coming back to Christ with tears and joy. But now what I think is that revival is about the people inside the church. That’s where revival starts and flows out.

KV: When I hear of the world “revival” I think of those Billy Graham Crusades with mass outbreaks of freedom, changed lives, and thousands of people surrendering to God. But that in itself is only a part of revival. Revival starts from having a vision for God, desiring it unto people, faithfully treading through the mundane, the every day, the “uneventful” times and wholeheartedly praying and contending for change to happen.

5) How can we pray for you in this season?

SC: It has been over two years since I started ATS and study, but I am still new to being in ministry. It is going to be a challenge for me to do all the work. I found myself standing in the corner and not engaging in the field. Now I finally get out of the corner and start to be in ministry; it is still scary, but we know that God’s grace is able. So it will be great if we can pray for His grace on Pursuit NYC and on all the interns.

KV: How you can pray for me is by praying with us. I’m just a nobody who is willing to take this risk at what God has placed on the heart of Pursuit. We want to see change, we want young people to know God… not just by memorizing verses and texts… but experiencing the living God whose words are certainly not dead, and His authority still reigns and flows deeply in this region. God is alive and living, He wants His children to know… and we’re here to join with His purpose and plan, because we don’t want to be the generation that missed the chance to be used for revival in the Northeast region.



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