Sunday Night Soak

Sunday Night Soak

Koob Vang – “On Sunday night we are launching a worship time called Sunday Night Soak. Our HOPE is to open space and minister to God. We believe that when we attend to God, it allows us to step aside and give room for Him to move. Our goal is to simply bask in the presence of the Lord and wait upon him.

Ministry is rough, hard, and sometimes very lonely. We’ve dedicated a safe place for ministers to be ministered. We believe as we cultivate revival in the Tri-state area, we as ministry leaders must be nurtured in God’s presence. We emphasize on ‘sabbath’: knowing that we need rest because only God can fulfill everything, ‘selah’: we need to simply soak and respond, and ‘shalom’: only through Christ we receive peace and wholeness.”

Samuel Cho – “Sunday night is unique time. You come back from church and somehow you are completely tired. You realize that the weekend is over and the long week is about to start. We already served the “Christian” duty at church in the day, and now all we can think of is the “real” life. It is the cycle of life and it always has been. What I want to pursue in this SNS is to change that. Sunday is the day of restoration and time of spiritual recharge. But many times at the end of Sunday, we are drained and emotionally tired. Can we have time just to soak in God’s presence? Just to sit down with God and rest. With worship without agenda and settings. Do whatever God makes us to do, say whatever God wants us to say. But most important thing is that we are gathering for is to feel God’s presence and soak in it. We do not ask you to do something. We are inviting you to join us in the time of rest in God.

We will meet every 1st & 3rd Sunday. It will go 7-9pm, but the ending time can be flexible, if God’s presence is strong, no hurt to stay a little longer. We just to want to seek God in worship, some can sing, some can meditate, some can be simply sitting. We will worship and seek God in any way possible! If you feel led to share some words in mind, please do. We are open to it. What echoes in you when you think about God’s presence? We want that voice to be heard. Everyone’s answer can be different and we just ask God to meet us and go deep in Him.”

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