When a Good Girl Goes Bad

When a Good Girl Goes Bad

When a good girl goes bad, she rarely ever goes back.
Despite her trying she can never really seem to get passed her past.
Even her best just feels like “not good enough” as if she’s always stuck in last.
She’s been through the fire & through the storms…
Life has been rough, and her efforts are haunted by mistakes.
Worst of all she has a heart plagued with hurts & regrets.

There she is, hidden behind a smile that is fake.
Just a wearisome soul longing for some rest.
She is struggling to break free from the burdens of guilt & shame.
Those chains & shackles weigh heavy as she feels the weight of all the blame.
It’s true when they say that hurt people hurt others…
Whether they be family, friends, sisters or brothers.
The one who gets hurt most though is her.
Inflicting herself like this is what she deserves…

Lies & accusations abound as wounds continually infest.
“This is your lot, your portion, your destiny,” they suggest.
Some might just say, “Don’t become bad, just always be good.”
But they haven’t been through what she’s been through nor have they stood where she’s stood.
“What’s your problem? What’s wrong with you?” they wonder…
But in a fallen world of the broken & jaded, it’s inevitable to be dragged under…

From now on is it only darkness? Is this forever?
Another tragedy that couldn’t be averted?
A story of dreams of what was & full of what could have been?
Another ending already written off…
It’s over they say. She’s gone. She’s dead. There’s no coming back from this.
The truth is what’s happened happened, no changing that.
But no amount of failure is fatal & no failure is ever final.
For Love always has the last word…

There is hope; a light that comes in the dark night of the soul.
A chance to change, but above all, there’s Love that brings freedom & forgiveness.
An invitation that says you’re not who you used to be, “You’re mine.”
It’s okay that you’re not perfect, for you are being refined.
Where the old is gone & the new has come and a future stands bright.
For you are free.
You are forgiven.
You are beautiful.
You are loved.
You have been redeemed!
All because of a Love that loved with all of its might.

It’s a love no human can give.
A Love that lived, died, & resurrected.
A Love that bled.
A Love that gave & never stopped giving.
It pursues over & over & over again…
A Love that offers & gives new life.
She is loved. Whether good, bad, or both.
To Love, she is worthy to be loved, and that’s what matters.
So when a good girl goes bad, she rarely ever comes back…
But thru unconditional Love she is always brought back.

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