Process of Promises

Process of Promises

I have heard it said that God takes a long time to act suddenly. In my own experiences and when I read Scripture, I see this to be very true. Especially in the life of Abraham. He first encounters God at the age of 75, but doesn’t see the promise fulfilled until it seems impossible 25 years later. Can you imagine that? Waiting on God for 25 years! Through that process, Abraham makes mistakes, yet God’s faithfulness shines through. In the Kingdom of God there are no “late bloomers”. Only those who have experienced God’s perfect timing. Here are some thoughts and observations on the process of promises…

  • God is not just interested in our 100+ years of life here on earth. The Bible says that this life is but a mist that comes and goes. God is more interested in preparing us for eternity. In the grand scheme of things, what is 100 years compared to a thousand? Compared to a million? Therefore He is preparing us for the long haul. He is the God of process!
  • It is imperative that we say yes to God. When it comes to God’s promise to us, there is His part, and then there is ours. Wisdom is knowing which is ours! Abraham confused the two and ended up with an illegitimate son. Our best will always produce an Ishmael. God’s best will always produce an Isaac. Therefore our part is to trust, yield, and to continually say “yes”. His part is to fulfill His word in His way and His timing.
  • While saying “yes” to God is vital, my “yes” doesn’t fulfill God’s promise. Only God fulfills His promise. To surrender and trust is never easy. It will be costly. But never confuse that you can will God to do anything. We don’t control God with our behavior or actions. It’s trust that God desires above all. And trust is the foundation of intimacy.
  • Abraham failed quite often during the process. Did he wait 25 years because of that reason? Could it have only been a 10 year wait if he “sinned less”? Or how about 5? Although I don’t know the answer to that, I believe such thinking is more about performance than it is about process. Such thinking leads to blaming, whether myself, others, or even God. Because we believe we are owed the promise because of all the things we did, and it’s “someone’s” fault that we didn’t. Instead I would do the “right things” because I desire right relationship more so than just the right results. It’s a relationship driven faith and not a performance and result driven faith, which only produces a religious spirit.
  • What God produces in us while we wait is as important as what we are waiting for. God desires for us to steward well the blessings and promises He has for us. The nature of His blessings are like a double-edged sword. What is meant to bless us can destroy us without the necessary character and integrity. Bill Johnson has said that every blessing God gives has the potential to either shape the course of history or become a golden calf. The higher we go, the less we can take with us. The deeper we go, the more we must go with open hearts and hands. He wants us to own the blessings rather than have those blessings own us. He is doing a good work in you! Never forget that you are His masterpiece!
  • Don’t grow weary in doing good. Surround yourself with friends, community, mentors, and continually fan into flame the fire that God has put within you. Remind yourself of what He has done. Remind yourself of His promises. He has never lied and is not man to exaggerate. Always contend to believe that God is always good and always faithful. I refuse to sacrifice God’s character on the altar of my past disappointments. In moments when we can’t sense God, feel God, hear God or see Him moving, what we can do is remember. Rediscover the lost art and discipline of remembering what He has done.

I believe that God is faithful! That every promise of His comes to pass whether in this life or on the other side of eternity. He is good. He is always good! He is faithful. He is always faithful. You are not alone in this process. Let us know what thoughts you have on process, and how we can pray with you… Above all, He hasn’t forgotten you! You are loved. Amen.



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