About Pursuit NYC


Pursuit NYC is a cross-cultural and interdenominational gathering of young adults who desire to see revival in the NYC Metropolitan area.  Each worship service aims to provoke and minister to a generation that is hungry for Jesus.  To come together in unity to see one thing, and that is revival.


Revival or Bust…


The pursuit after God, His presence, His heart, and His mission.


We are a generation on pursuit because we are a generation pursued by God Himself.  We pursue because He said, “Follow me.”  We pursue because the One we follow prayed, “Let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

This is the pursuit we are on.  The only pursuit that matters.  We will pursue until we see revival and nothing less.  We will pursue until our last breath.  We will pursue one day longer than a lifetime until we are face-to-face with Him.

We pursue to direct those who have chased after a multitude of things but have found themselves even further from their desires.  We pursue to ignite the ones who have stopped pursuing anything at all.

We will pursue His presence.  His Kingdom.  His transformation in us & our city.  To win cities, to disciple nations, to father a generation, to transform the world, and to usher in the return of the King.

Pursuit NYC… Revival or bust.