PURSUITCAST: The Podcast of Pursuit NYC

PURSUITCAST: The Podcast of Pursuit NYC

We did it!  We launched our very own podcast called, Pursuitcast.

Although we just started, it’s already been an adventure full of fun and excitement.  So far we released 2 episodes on our SoundCloud page (iTunes is in the works!).  We had the privilege of interviewing some of the leading voices in our region about what God is doing in the Tri-state area.  The first interview was with the worship pastor of The River, Andrew Meher, and the second was with director of Worship as 1, Sam Choi.

We have many other awesome interviews lined up as well as sermons, roundtables, and much more, including giveaways!  The mission behind Pursuitcast is that we will be able to share what God is doing in our midst and in our region to help listeners join in and partner with what God is already doing in their region and in their midst.  Our vision is that this podcast will encourage, provoke, and stir hearts for revival.  Pursuitcast is an extension of our ministry that we believe will really minister and bless the listeners.  It is a way to go deeper with a wider audience, especially those who cannot physically attend any of our gatherings.  Yet in order to keep moving forward in all that God is doing, we need your help!

For instance SoundCloud puts a cap on how many minutes you can upload unless you upgrade to a Pro account.  If you click this link, you can see that it costs $135 to upgrade.  With just 2 episodes, we are almost maxed out on our upload limit.  To help us continue our podcast as well as other plans for our ministry, would you prayerfully consider giving?  If you have listened to Pursuitcast and were blessed, please consider helping us to keep producing our podcasts.  Anything will help and does help.

To give please click the DONATE button below.  You will be redirected to the PayPal page of our parent church, The Sycomore of the C&MA.  All donations are tax-deductible and will go towards funding Pursuitcast as well as the ministry of Pursuit NYC as a whole.  (As a sidenote, we are and will continually be totally TRANSPARENT with ALL FINANCES regarding Pursuit NYC.)

Thank you for your prayers and your donations!  We are thankful for your interest and partnership in what God is doing in our region and our ministry.  Your investment goes a long way.  We can’t do this without you for we are all in this together!

Revival or bust…




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