Friendship with God

Friendship with God

There have been moments in my life where I reached out to my friends because I was having a hard time. I needed to be around people who were for me and wanted their company, prayers, and encouragement. Now if I only ever reach out to my friends because I need something from them, that friendship will quickly become one-sided, and ultimately go downhill.

Imagine if I call my friends to meet, and yet I only talk about how I don’t sense their closeness as much as I did “last time”. How about if I only ask why they aren’t encouraging me more. Or if all I say to them is how I just want more of their friendship… to their face. Isn’t that weird? That is a sure-fire way to end friendships! Yet so often that’s how we approach and seek God.

In healthy relationships I seek out friends simply for the sake of friendship. To meet, to catch-up, and ultimately to just be with them. When it comes to friendship with God, I believe it’s exactly the same. Of course there are times when we seek Him because of a need or a want. I have gone to God to hear His voice, to find His leading, to feel His presence, and to even ask for more of Him. As good as those things are, I ultimately want to seek God to simply be with Him for the sake of being with Him. I don’t need a Word from heaven or direction, I don’t need a feeling or even a sense, as much as I need to just be with Him. I want to be with Him! And often times, this will require faith. But that’s what this relationship is based on… faith! In faith we walk with Him in friendship.

Jesus has many servants in His Kingdom, but few friends. I believe He is looking for trustworthy and loyal friends. Friends that He can trust with the things of His heart. Friends who will lay down their lives for Him, as He did for them. One of the most powerful things Jesus ever said to His disciples was that they are no longer just His servants, but His friends. Friends who have been invited into all that He knows and has and is. Wow!

Seek God today with no other agenda than to just be with Him.



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