An Impossible Call

An Impossible Call

One of the common threads you see in the calling of God is that it’s impossible. Not “impossible” as in a figure of speech like “it’s really, really hard, but it can still be done”, but literally impossible. How can an exiled murderer lead a people who have been enslaved for four centuries through a sea into the Promised Land? How can a young shepherd boy turned fugitive on the run become king? How can an unmarried, virgin girl give birth to the Son of God? Impossible! But God called them to it. That should tell us that God isn’t interested in calling people who can do what He asks, but those who are available and will “yes” no matter the cost. The old adage is that God doesn’t call the qualified, but rather He qualifies the called. God will always call you beyond what you’re qualified for and what you can do in the natural. Not so you can strive and perform and qualify yourself, but to make you seek the supernatural God.

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God gives you an impossible call because that’s what drives us to our knees. Our natural can never fulfill a supernatural call. Since it’s supernatural, it demands intervention and involvement of a supernatural God. Thankfully His Word says that nothing is impossible for Him! (Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37) He gives us an impossible call so that He can do the impossible on our behalf. God doesn’t call us because He needs a task to be done, but rather because He wants to make us into a people who can walk with Him and bring Him glory.

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When we seek God because of the calling, we are then transformed into who He wants us to be. It’s in the seeking that God prepares us for His great call. He breaks us and molds so that we would never take credit for the impossible! He builds within us character and faith to sustain what He will do. Of course He can do it without us, but His heart is to partner with sons and daughters, who will be both co-laborers and co-heirs with Christ. He doesn’t need servants. He wants family. Servants do what they are called to do because they have to obey their master. Children do what they are called to because they want to please their Father.

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Even if there is a desire to do His call, the truth is it will never be convenient and will always be costly. That’s why many are called and only few are chosen. Now if no one can do the impossible, why are some chosen and some not? Those who get chosen are chosen simply because they were foolish and childlike enough to cry out, “Call me! Choose me!” over and over again. That’s the cry of someone who has made room for the impossible to be invaded by God. That’s the cry of someone who has given themselves to the Father. Someone who has sought God because of the great calling and an even greater Caller.

If you are reading this now, I want you to know He’s calling you. Yes, you, to do His will! Will you be foolish and childlike enough to say “yes”? Let’s cry out together. Lord, here am I. Call me! Choose me! Do the impossible through me for Your glory and Kingdom! Amen.